Machine Learning Engineer – CV (Research)

Palpx is looking for an expert in machine learning to join our tech team. You will be involved in implementing machine learning systems for computer vision systems as per the requirements given. Write scripts to carry out experiments, data cleaning, and data collection. Deploy and create services in the cloud.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Quickly write scripts for performing machine learning experiments.
  • Work with large video and image datasets. Write scripts to curate, generate, format, clean the data set.
  • Create workflows and tools to label and annotate data.
  • Implement deployable training and inference systems.
  • Containerize the application and deploy it in a horizontally scalable manner.
  • Monitor and perform maintenance if required.
  • Create documentation for the system.
  • Create a unit test plan. Perform unit testing.
  • Maintain Code Base.


  • Masters in Computer Science from reputed educational institutions.
  • 2 to 5 years working knowledge in computer vision-based production implementations.
  • Specialized knowledge and experience with scalable machine learning systems, algorithms, and data structure.
  • Proficiency in Computer Vision related machine learning and deep learning algorithms.
  • Expertise in Python, R, Matlab, OpenCV, Tensorflow, Theano, Caffe, PyTorch, Keras, AWS/Azure or GCP, Docker, Kubernetes, and Git.




Research & Development

Employment Type

Full time

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