Business Consultant

When all attempts failed at convincing John Scully to join Apple, Steve Jobs took up the task himself. He asked one question that changed everything!

Do you want to sell sugar water all your life or do you want to come with me and change the world?

At Palpx, we are working on changing the world for better. Since the world is a little Big, we need


So, we are Looking for You!




Business Development & Operations

Employment Type


If selling is entwined in your DNA and your answer is ‘Yes’ to one or more of the following

  • To start my entrepreneurship journey in my region
  • To define my life and career by terms and conditions
  • To work only as much as I want to, when I want to
  • I want my bank balance to reflect my true worth

Professionally you are

  • An experienced seller
  • Technologically well-informed - Branding/UI/UX/Software/AI services
  • Aware of techniques involved in establishing new business contacts
  • Adept in lead generation and appointment setting
  • Competent in managing a lead-pipeline and nourishing them
  • Able to sense a hot-prospect and go for the kill
  • A good communicator and a master negotiator

What you get is

  • The opportunity to be your own boss
  • A world-class team to train and support you
  • A global career that withstands uncertainties of future
  • To sell the future ‘now’ and be the part of an impending revolution
  • Tons of money, Stock option plan (ESOP) Opportunities, Rewards and Recognitions


  • The positions are reserved for aggressive sellers, part-time/full-time
  • It is a Revenue share model (comission only) but with unlimited-earning potential
  • You must be able to sell yourself to us in screening process

Organisations can also apply to become business partners at Palpx. The partnership will be built to co-create products/business expansion.

For any query you can email us on: [email protected]

if this sounds like you